Jungle Scout Discount, Review & Tutorial (2018 Edition)

There is no doubt that Jungle Scout is the best Amazon Keyword Research tool on the market. So if you are looking for Jungle Scout discount, you’re in the right place.

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Now that you have got Jungle Scout discount, we will review this product in our opinion.

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Jungle Scout Review

This is a very brief review, we will show you what's the Jungle Scout, and how to do Amazon keyword research exactly.

Jungle Scout is one of the Amazon research tools on the market designed specifically for finding great products to sell on Amazon.

Strictly speaking, there are two completely different tools - Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Jungle Scout Web App. That means, you need to buy either alone or both.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension runs your browser to pull related data, estimate revenue.


The Web App is an amazing toolkit that runs on Jungle Scout website. Which includes product database, product tracker and the niche hunter.


Jungle Scout is a must have tool in any retail business. You must know what the buyers are buying and how much they are paying. With JS you find this out instantly and more.I would recommend this site to anyone who wants an edge in this business.

Dale D. Schmitz

So what is the difference between both of them?

In fact, it should be said that both of them are completely different products from Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension vs Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout Extensions is a product research tool that helps sellers analyze the data of relevant products from a product page on Amazon. They are installed into your Google Chrome browser. Crawling real-time data from amazon website and pop up on your chrome browser. 

On the other hand, Web App is a software that runs on the Jungle Scout website. It has three features – product database for searching through thousands of items and find out what sells, product tracker for tracking products automatically, and niche hunter to identify niche opportunities in Amazon.

In my opinion, product database helps us to find potential products. Then we track those products over time to verify the ideas. Finally, Niche Hunter takes another approach to finding profitable niches simply.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite vs Pro

In fact, Jungle Scout extension has two versions, Lite and Pro. So what are they different?

In JSLite, you get some of the basic data such as Product Name, Brand, Price, Category, Rank, Est. Sales, Est. Revenue, # of Reviews, Rating and BB Seller. And you can export all this data to a CSV file.

While in JSPro, you not only have all the features in JSLite, but also other additional information. In general, there are three additional features.

  1. Filter
  2. Options
  3. Trend

1. Filter

If you want to narrow your search results, click Filter and then a filter box will pop up. Here you can fill in the range of price, reviews, rank what you want.

2. Options

In addition, you can add the columns of FBA Fee, Tier, # of Sellers, Item Length, Item Width, Item Height, Item Weight and Net to your search results if you in Jungle Scout Pro.

jungle scout options


It’s no secret that choosing right products are the most important step in Amazon sell. Of course, there are a lot of metrics on how to do keyword research. Here’s a basic list we used.

  • Choose the right category
  • Small and lightweight product
  • Simple that aren’t easily broken or damaged
  • Consistent stream of buyers
  • Do not a seasonal product.
  • Under 60 reviews

3. Trend​

In fact, Google trends is another important metric, especially seasonal products. Simply click the “Trend” on the bottom of the page, and then it pops up the Google Trends report for the keyword you put in.

Chrome Extension Pricing Plans

While the Lite plan is $97, and the Pro is $197 once. As I mentioned earlier, here we offer a $10 discount for both of Jungle scout chrome extension plans.

That means you just pay $87 for Lite, and $187 for Pro. Here we will recommend Pro version because it can help us find more accurate potential products.


  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Leading Sales Accuracy
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Category & Seller's Rank
  • Updates & Support

$97 / one-time fee


All Lite Features Plus:

  • Works With Web App
  • Profit Calculator
  • FBA Fees
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Seasonal Trends

$197 / one-time fee

Jungle Scout Web App

In fact, Web App is a toolkit that contains three products.

Web App Pricing Plans

While the lowest startup plan is $39/month, and the business is $99/month, paying annually will give you a huge ~30% discount, which around $29/month.

First of all, the difference of three is the number of products to track. Then, the lowest startup does not have Niche Hunter.

I would recommend standard plan over the other two. If you are paid annually, remember to get saving with the Jungle Scout discount.


Track 150 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Niche Hunter

$99/ month

$69/ month

(billed annually)


Track 80 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Niche Hunter

$69/ month

$49/ month

(billed annually)


Track 40 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Niche Hunter

$39/ month

$29/ month

(billed annually)

Product Database

The product database will help you find products based on products that are already selling well on Amazon. 

In my opinion, this is one of the most efficient ways of doing product research. It is simply because it gives you awesome filtering for what you actually searching.

Jungle Scout will scan the top 1000 products on amazon in every category to store on their cloud server. That said, all these data are not real-time, but the search speed is very fast.

Product Database


In general, you should avoid some categories such as Camera & Photo, Cell Phones and Clothing. On the one hand, because these products are too complex to manufacture. On the other hand, because of shipping. 

Of course, you can select or de-select the categories that you want to filter.


It's clear that filters allow you to narrow your search to find initial product ideas by metrics like price, reviews, rating and more. 

The following filter metrics that Jungle Scout used:

  • Price – greater than $20.
  • Estimated Sales – greater than 400 per month. 
  • Reviews – under 100.
  • Rating – under 4.2.
  • other - Some other factors you can use.

Product Tier

In fact, FBA fees are based on the product size tier. If the products in the “Oversize” category, then the FBA Fulfillment Fees will increase and the profits will down.


For the seller, you can select Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon or fulfilled by merchant. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), that means you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and Amazon picks and ships, and provides customer service for these products. 

Fulfillment by merchant(FBM), that means you ship and provide customer service for your products. 

In general, we will select the three of them in our filter setting.

Search keywords and exclude keywords

Here you can set your keywords include, of course, set excluded keywords in your search results.

All in all, product database is a powerful tool that helps you browse thousands of products that are already making money. If you want to find product ideas and research a potential for your private label product, in my experience, it CAN help you.

So if you want to spy on the sales of your competitors, or exactly analyze the sales of a product.

Product Tracker

If you have the URL or ASIN of a product that you want to track, simply click on the “Add To Tracker” button to add it to tracker list.

That takes two days to generate the data. It should be noted that this data is not historical data, but real-time data from you add it to track.

product tracker

In fact, this is an approach to spy your competitors.

With this tracking tool, you can get to easily see exactly how much your competitors are selling. Daily sales, units sold, BSR rank, total revenue, inventory and much more.

tracker data

However, it's simple to add products to the Product Tracker directly from Jungle Scout Pro, that means you can dig deeper the product which you are researching.

Now that we have used these powerful tools to help us find potential products. Whether it is niche site for affiliate marketing or private label product ideas.

Now what?

In fact, there is the easiest way to identify niche opportunities in Amazon.

Niche Hunter

Considering that are there any obvious criteria to look for potential products?

Green Monkey can help you.


Here is how it works: choosing the categories you like, filter out by demand, price, opportunity score and more. Then find more green monkeys in order to find a winning product.

green monkey
niche hunter

Here’s what each of these metrics means:

Average Demand: This simply tells the average product demand of the top 10 products. A higher value represents a better opportunity.

Average Price: The average product price of the top 10 products.

Opportunity Score: This is a product opportunity score (range of 0-100, the score of 100 is the best opportunity for us.). Jungle scout calculates this score according to some factors such as monthly demand, competition, price, and more. A higher score represents a better opportunity for sellers.

Competition: In fact, Jungle Scout calculate competition according to the number of review for the top 10 products. A lower score represents a better oppotunity for sellers.

Listing Quality Score:  This is the average listing quality score of the top 10 products. Jungle scout's algorithm based on the title, description, keywords, photos or more. A lower score represents a better opportunity.

Word Count​: keywords count.

Well, now Let's see how it works.

niche hunter works

When you selected the categories, set the other metrics, then click search.

Now green monkeys came out.

The more green the color, the more opportunities. The more red the color, the more competition.


It's important that you do not need all the attributes to be green monkeys in order to find a good product. However, even if some columns are red monkeys, you should also check it before you find the right potential product ideas.

Keywords Dig Deep 

Now when you click the keyword filtering by metrics. Then as you see, you will get four different tables. They are estimated sales, reviews, price and listing quality score contrast with Top 10 search results.

So how do we actually use each graph?

For example, we all know the top one listing is getting the bulk of sales on the first page of top 10 products. But if three to ten listings get little sales, even if your products ranked on the first page, you probably get a little bit sales.

In other words, If the top one and two listing for this keyword occupy the vast majority of sales, then this is not a good potential opportunity.

Another function is you can add the potential products to your Product Tracker.​


Jungle scout has been the best amazon research tool on the market, and it has been far ahead of its competitors.

Today, when you dig up the gold mine of Amazon. It's important to prepare your advanced tools first. Efficiency is always the first.

No matter which product of Jungle Scout aim to save time and find good ideas that meet the criteria of low competition. It is hard to recommend you to buy chrome extension or web app. In fact, most of the users chose chrome extension Pro.

Finally, no matter which version you intend to buy, do not forget Jungle scout discount that we offered above.

What do you think of Jungle Scout?

Which one are you using Now?

Maybe you have a question about Amazon keyword research. Then leave a quick comment below.

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Jungle Scout Review
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  • Price


Although our initial idea is to offer the Jungle Scout discount code. But we still simply review on all the Jungle Scout products. Jungle Scout can certainly help you find right Private label product idea process faster and easier.

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