35% OFF GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Coupon August 2017

updated: August 1, 2017

Registering a domain name is simple and inexpensive. In fact, even some registrars offer $1 domain name for the first year(Here we refer to the top-level domain.).

However, the domain name renewal price is not so friendly. It’s important to note that it is not a little money for those who have a large number of domain names, and year by year. What if the renewal price is $8.29/year for .COM domain name? If you have ever renewed your domain name, you should know that this price is probably the lowest renewal price in the market. 

And at GoDaddy, yep. That is the largest domain and hosting registrar in the world.

Sounds crazy, is not it?

Today I am going to show you exactly how to save up to 60% off for domain name renewals. As you know, GoDaddy offered promo codes for domain renewals all along. But now we have been hard to find an available GoDaddy domain renewal coupon. That said, we need to renew the domain names at the regular prices. It is too expensive, is not it?

With that, the new domain investor tool appeared - GoDaddy discount domain club.

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Coupon

These coupons we listed here are hand-picked. Besides, we guarantee that they are available and up to date. It should be noted that all this codes are available only for new purchase, not for any renewals.

Save 35% Off GoDaddy discount domain club
Details:This is a 35% off GoDaddy new customer coupon. SAVE 35% off to join discount domain club membership with this coupon code today. Not for renewals.
Save 35% Off GoDaddy discount domain club
Save 30% Off ALL new orders
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Save 30% Off ALL new orders

What is the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club?

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club is a membership-based domain management tool designed for those who exactly registering and renewing domain names at GoDaddy.

​To put it simply, you will enjoy huge discount related domain services as a member of GoDaddy discount domain club.

godaddy discount domain club coupon
  • Domain Registrations and Renewals
  • Free CashParking Premium
  • Free GoDaddy Auctions Member
  • Discount for Domain Buy Service

1. Domain Registrations and Renewals

In fact, it is easy and simple to register a domain name. In addition, the price of registering a new domain name is often cheaper than renewals. To GoDaddy, for example, we can even GET a .com domain with 99 cents in the first year.

Let’s cover the basics first. Here we talk about the fee you pay for registrar is an annual fee. In other words, you owe this domain name in the year after you pay. In fact, the good news is that if you want to continue to have this domain name, you can renew this domain name before it expires.

​The renewal prices often are much more than the first year of registration at most registrars. For instance, we listed some domain extensions list prices(without any discount) and renewal prices.

Domain Extensions First Year PirceRenewal Price Per Year

Obviously, when it comes to renewals, boom!!!

That’s why discount domain club comes out.

It is clear that the biggest advantage of discount domain club is to enjoy the lowest prices on your domain renewals. As you see the following table is GoDaddy renewal price list(Regular renewals vs. DDC renewals ).

Domain Extensions List Price DDC PirceDiscount
.com$14.99$8.2944% Off
.net$16.99$9.9941% Off
.org$19.99$11.9940% Off
.biz$19.99$11.9940% Off
.co$29.99$24.9916% Off
.mobi$17.99$12.9927% Off
.tv$39.99$29.9925% Off

If you have GoDaddy discount domain club membership, rest assured, turn on all your domain names with auto-renew. Then you do not have to worry about when they are expired. Anyway it will automatically renew for you with the lowest prices.

2. Free CashParking Premium

GoDaddy CashParking is a domain service that allows you earn money with your parked domain names. In fact, GoDaddy CashParking has basic plan(earn 60% of the advertising revenue) and premium plan(earn 80% of the advertising revenue) for choosing.

Although this service is up to $143.88/year,  you can get it for free as a member of GoDaddy discount domain club. Then get 80% of the revenue of your parked domains they generate.


About Domain Name Parking:

In fact, domain name registrars like GoDaddy, will allow you to point your domain names to their custom pages. They will place some of the relevant advertisements on these pages. When a visitor clicks a displayed advertisement through your domain names, you receive a part of the generated revenue.

3. Free GoDaddy Auctions Member

Specifically, it is not easy to find an available domain that suits for you today...right? However, you can completely contact the owner of the domain name to buy it.

If you are struggling to find the right domain name for your company brand, GoDaddy auction is the right online platform that has a large number of premium domains which are available. GoDaddy auction is the trading place for domain owners from around the world interested in selling and buying various types of domains.

Just $4.99/year to become a member of GoDaddy auction. However, it's free for a member of GoDaddy discount domain club. It's not bad, right?

4. Discount for Domain Buy Service

Another question, what if you want to buy a domain name that has been registed?

Domain Buy Service as a domain broker can reach current domain name owner, negotiate domain price within your budget to help you get the domain your want at the lowest price.

This service charges $69.99 per domain fee to start the domain buy process. In addition, if the domain name is successfully purchased, you need to pay a 20% buyer broker fee ($15 minimum).

As a discount domain club member, you'll get 28% OFF GoDaddy Domain Buy Service – namely $49.99 per domain name.

All in all, GoDaddy discount domain club is committed to helping you save a lot of money on domain name related services. It is a whole GoDaddy domain saving solution. While it is indeed a good service for the customers have a couple of domain names even more.

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Plans

Godaddy discount domain club is an annual subscription service. You can save an extra 10% when the subscription more than 24 months, and save 20% more than 36 months. After all, it is worth noting that all service items are same.

12 months

No discount

Lowest Domain Prices 

  • Registration
  • Transfers
  • Renewals
  •  CashParking Premium
  •  GoDaddy Auctions Membership

$9.99 / month

24 months

save 10% off

Lowest Domain Prices 

  • Registration
  • Transfers
  • Renewals
  • CashParking Premium
  • GoDaddy Auctions Membership

$8.99 / month

36+ months

save 20% off

Lowest Domain Prices 

  • Registration
  • Transfers
  • Renewals
  • CashParking Premium
  • GoDaddy Auctions Membership

$7.99 / month

How to GET discount domain club discount?

In fact, GoDaddy offers a lot of discount codes for new customers from domain to web hosting. Although discount domain club is the domain name saving product, you can save up to 35% off when you subscribe to this service.

In this page above, we listed some of the GoDaddy discount domain club coupon and promo codes. They are all carefully selected and validated. It is important to note that they are only right for new customers(new product purchases). In other words, they cannot be used on product renewals.

Renew your GoDaddy discount domain club subscription

Discount domain club will automatically renew until canceled. Nevertheless, you can turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your GoDaddy account.

If auto-renew is not enabled for your subscription, as the expiration date approaches, you will receive notifications from GoDaddy. If you choose to let your subscription expire, GoDaddy Auctions and CashParking will likewise end along with it. However, these services remain available to you at standard pricing if you want to renew.

Is it right for you?

So, is GoDaddy discount domain club worth it? In other words, is it a worthwhile investment service. First of all, what does it bring to us? We know it helps us manage and renew domain names for saving time and money. That is, you can set up auto renewal for all domain names with the lowest price at GoDaddy. 

However, at an annual membership price of $119.88. Let's do some simple math calculations. For .com domain name, the renewal price is $14.99/year. But it is just $8.29/year with discount domain club. We can clearly see that if you have more than 18 .com domain names through the following table, it's worth it.

Number of .comTotal Renewal CostDDC Renewal CostTotal Saving

Most important of all, you can save up to 35% off if you are new customer for this service with our GoDaddy discount domain club coupon above.

How to set up your discount domain club?

Does it require too complex settings?

It does not any extra setup once you have completed the purchase of discount domain club. In other words, you are already a VIP member of discount domain club. Then, you can log in to GoDaddy account to enjoy the lowest prices on domains registration and renewals.



Q: How do I renew my GoDaddy discount domain club subscription?

Over to you…

Overall, GoDaddy discount domain club is great domain tool for those who have dozens of domain names. Is it worth it? It does according to your own needs.

As a member of discount domain club, I have saved about $400 over the last 7 months. Because I have about 50 domain names at GoDaddy. So for me, it's a great tool to help me not only saving a lot of money but also a lot of time.

As always, if you found the information in this post helpful, please share it on your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Support


GoDaddy discount domain club is another option for renewing your domain names at GoDaddy. However, it is not right for everyone. On the other hand, it is an efficiency tool to help us save time.

All in all, DDC is an excellent domain management tool we just recommend for users who have a number of domains.

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