GoDaddy Bulk Domain Registration, Renewal and Discount

Registering a domain name is extremely simple and easy. As a blogger or entrepreneur, you may just need a domain name to start for your blog or business website.

However, there are some people who need to register a large number of domain names. For example, domain investors often search bulk domains and pick out a batch of domain names to register at a time. In addition, some companies will register some domains in order to protect the company's brand.

One by one to register a domain is cumbersome and expensive, so how to register multiple domains to simplify the process and reduce costs?

Bulk Registration.

Basically, most domain registrars offer bulk domain search and bulk registration.

In this article, we will show how to bulk search and register in GoDaddy, as well as bulk registration fees, discounts.

Let's get started.

Godaddy, as the world's largest domain registrar, offers up to 500 domains to bulk search and registration. There are four considerations why we selected GoDaddy bulk domain registration.

1. Discount (registration and renewal)

The cost of a domain name is definitely the first factor to consider. Different registrars offer different registration prices, and there will be huge differences in total cost if there are a great many of domain names.

Fortunately, GoDaddy offers great discounts on domain registration and renewal. To .com domain name, for example, the minimum price of a single domain name is $8.29/year. While NameCheap does not offer any discounts on bulk registration.


That is, if you now need to register 99 domain names, then the price of each domain name is $8.99(the .com list price is $14.99/year).


We all know that GoDaddy is one of the few registrars who offer domain name renewal discount to renew your domain. Compared to bulk registration, bulk renewal is almost the same price standard when the domain names are more than 20.

In other words, you can basically get an affordable price for registration and renewal, without paying expensive renewal costs. For example, you only spend $0.99 to register a domain name but pay $14.99 when you renew this domain name.


Bulk domains pricing do not apply for additional promotional discounts or coupons. Like the GoDaddy discount domain club, it already is the lowest registration and renewal price.

For most domain name investors, their domain name will be sold on the auction platform.

So what's the domain auction? And how about GoDaddy Auctions?

2. ​Domain Auction

A domain name auction facilitates the buying and selling of currently registered domain names, enabling individuals to purchase a previously registered domain that suits their needs from an owner wishing to sell.

This is crazy:

​ was sold for $1.2 million through Sedo in July 2014. And was sold for $39,300 last quarter in 2017 on GoDaddy Auctions.


Better domain names are becoming more and more expensive because of the scarcity of domain resources.

GoDaddy auctions and sedo are the best available domain name trading platform. But GoDaddy auctions seems to be more active because it has more domain names(GoDaddy Auctions has added domains from 123 Reg, Heart Internet, Domain Factory and Host Europe.).

In fact, GoDaddy auctions contains two parts: buy and sell domain names. First of all, as we mentioned, you can bid for these domain names that are being sold. Secondly, you can also sell your domain name on this platform.


​In terms of cost, if you want to bid and buy domains on GoDaddy Auctions. Firstly, you must become a member and its annual membership is $4.99. In addition, you can also list domain names for sale for free.

If your domain name is sold on this platform, GoDaddy will deduct a certain percentage of the fee based on domain sale price as a commission.

Domain Sale Price


$0 - $5,000

20% ( $15 minimum)

$5,001 - $25,000

$1,000 + 15% of amount over $5,000

$25,000 +

$4,000+ 10% of amount over $25,000

In other words, if your domain name sale price is $17000, then you will eventually get $14200 net proceeds, and paying $2800 to GoDaddy Auctions as a commission.

​Is there another way to benefit from before a domain name is not sold?

​3. Domain Parking

Domain parking refers to using a domain name to resolve to an advertising page or redirecting a domain to another main website. In general, most domain names are primarily used to get ad revenue that visitors click on the pages of advertising publishers.

​So how does GoDaddy CashParking work?

Once you become a member of CashParking, you can assign your domain to CashParking account for earning money(you can even add a domain name registered at other registrars to CashParking). When a visitor clicks an ad on the page through your domain, you can earn a revenue.

GoDaddy offers two CashParking plans so far. The Basic plan is starting from $3.99/month; and you can earn 60% of the advertising revenue. While the Premium plan is starting from $9.59/month; but you can get 80% of generated revenue.



We have published a review about GoDaddy discount domain club, so you can purchase this GoDaddy service(Just $77.9 first year) to get free GoDaddy Premium CashParking($143.88) and GoDaddy auctions membership($4.99).

4. New Domain Extensions

If the domain of your mind has been registered, or if you want to register a non-com domain name, then you absolutely can find a creative new domain extension at GoDaddy. GoDaddy should be the registrar with the most new domain EXTENSIONS so far.

For instance, designers can register a better than; visitors will clearly know your site type through this domain name.

And do you know:

​Google renamed Alphabet, and it had a new top-level domain name

Godaddy has 665 new domain extensions so far. No matter where you are in the industry or field, you can find the corresponding domain extension. Nowadays, registering a short meaningful .com domain name is extremely difficult. So a new domain extension is a new good choice. Like artificial intelligence, most entrepreneurs choose .ai as their domain extension.


This is also an important reason for making bulk searches. Because you can choose multiple extensions when you are looking for keywords in your domain.

In addition, keep in mind GoDaddy has an important pre-registration function that allows you submit the domain name you want before the new domain becomes available for all.

Of course, in order to protect the rights of trademark owners. You have priority to register the domain name that contains your trademark before anyone else can register the new extension.


For bloggers or entrepreneurs, bulk registration may be a dispensable feature. However, it is definitely an indispensable feature for the guys engaged in domain name trading or parking.

NOW a lot of domain registrars have provided this service. However, no matter that from the previous domain registration and renewal price, or later domain trading and parking. Godaddy is the only correct choice when you consider bulk search and registration.

With GoDaddy domain bulk registration, We discussed the reasons from four aspects why do we choose GoDaddy finally?

  1. Bulk registration discount
  2. GoDaddy domain Auctions
  3. GoDaddy domain CashParking
  4. New domain extensions

Finally, we hope this article will help you if you are looking for the place where you can bulk registration to save your time and money.

Which domain registrar do you using for bulk search?

Have you ever compared the domain renewal price of the major registrar? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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