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We all know that many companies pay hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for their domain names. There are always companies or individuals that bid on a good domain name in the domain name market.

Here are highest reported domain sales in 2017.

DomainSell Price$2,890,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$1,820,000$1,750,000$1,200,000$660,000$550,000$550,000$500,000

The value of a domain name is not as low as its registered price. If you are a domain name investor, you will undoubtedly measure the value of a domain name in many ways. However, for many beginners, how to quickly estimate the value of a domain name is a real headache.

In fact, many free websites provide domain name valuation services using multiple domain metrics. Today we will show you how to use Godaddy’s Domain Name Value & Appraisal to estimate and how it works.

First, go to GoDaddy domain value appraisal and type in the domain name you want to estimate.

The following is an example of my domain name valuation.

Godaddy given an estimated price of is $1761. So, what is the algorithm that GoDaddy use to calculate this valuation?

We use our exclusive algorithm that combines machine learning with years of real market sales data, to create a rock-solid starting point for future sales, trades or negotiations. This information is based on quantitative data that we’ve compiled from our experience as the world’s largest domain registrar.

-- GoDaddy

Thus, GoDaddy used deep learning based on big data of domain sales to estimate the domain name price. So what are the aspects it uses?

GoDaddy Domain Appraisal Factors

(1) Comparable domains sold

First of all, GoDaddy has the world’s largest auction platform for the domain name. If there are similar sold domains, then this sold price is a reference factor. Because no matter how you estimate the value of the domain name, it is a subjective factor. Only the objective price is the real value of the domain name.

(2). Valuable keyword

Now, let’s think about which word is more expensive in insurance and tire in a domain name?

The answer is obviously insurance.

In fact, it’s hard to get a single-word domain right now, and if it does, its price is extremely high. It is composed of words for most domain names. Then we will assess the commercial value of these words. The value of the keywords is another factor in evaluating the domain name.

In-demand keywords will increase the value of your domain. So the keywords should be as meaningful as possible.

For example, keyword “list” is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1845.

(3). Popular keyword

This criterion is whether a keyword is a commonly used word. And if so, then it has a higher valuation.

(4). Memorable

A good domain name is not just a website address. It should be easy to remember. Your customers should type in your domain in their browsers directly instead of using search engines. Therefore, you should make sure it slowly becomes a brand.

Keep in mind that GoDaddy Domain Appraisal is just a tool. The price it gives is only a reference.  The appraisal does not reflect the amount that the domain has.

Domain Appraisal is provided to the users who want to buy or sell their domain name. It also can evaluate a domain before you register a new domain name.

Other Free Domain Appraisal Tools

The purpose of EstiBot is to provide keyword data and information about a domain.


EstiBot evaluates the value of a domain name by various metrics. For example, comparing the price of domain names on sale, the search result of the keyword, the Alexa traffic rank,  average monthly search stats and so on.

Free Valuator

The free domain appraisal tool at Free Valuator uses multiple domain metrics, ranks, and other domain details to calculate the value of a domain name.

In addition, Free Valuator has a professional domain name appraisal service. The professional domain appraisal evaluates your domain name by an expert appraisal specialist. It will provide analysis of trademark issues and list of recent comparable domain sales. Finally, they will generate a detailed report of your domain’s worth.

Of course, there are some paid professional appraisal services such as Sedo Domain Appraisals. You need to pay $99 per domain to get a very comprehensive appraisal report. As we all know, almost the most expensive domain names are sold in Sedo. So Sedo has professional tools and experts to help you complete an authoritative domain name appraisal.

The method of Sedo identify a domain’s value:

  1. The domain extension, top-level domain (TLD)
  2. Domain’s length and memorableness
  3. The complexity of the keywords
  4. Domain name misspellings – domain typo
  5. Internationalization or globalization
  6. Search engine optimization appraisal
  7. Advertising considerations
  8. Sale potential
  9. The potential of business

As can be seen from the above, Sedo’s appraisal more biased towards the purpose of domain name transactions.

This article mainly wants to introduce this new GoDaddy domain appraisals, along with other free appraisal sites and paid services. But as we said, the value of a domain name itself often depends on objective factors. The premise is that the domain name itself has an absolute value.

If you want to register a new domain for investment, you can also refer to the factors we mentioned above. Domain name investment is a process of accumulation. And a successful transaction may need more than just time and money.

Have you used GoDaddy domain appraisals? What did you think about it? And how do you evaluate a domain name? What kind of experience do you have in trading domain names? 

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