The Best Registrar to Get A .AI (Artificial Intelligence) Domain Name

Artificial intelligence may become the next internet hotspot according to the investment situation. And the related .ai domain name will become a hot domain name in 2018.

For example, Andrew Ng joined a few day ago. is an artificial intelligence startup company. The company is primarily focused on turning ordinary cars into unmanned vehicles through tool kits. In addition, more and more artificial intelligence start-ups start using .ai domain names.

Here are a few start-ups using .ai domain:

  • - deep learning courses.
  • - AI ​visual ​bot for ​conversational ​shopping.
  • - machine learning platform.
  • - dialogue bots that learn to engage in natural conversations.

Therefore, .ai domain name prices have gone up. HUMAN.AI was sold for Sedo at ​$45000 in August 2017.

But how to register a .ai domain name? The difficulty is that some big domain name registrars like GoDaddy do​n't offer .ai​ domain registration. So in this article, we will ​show you​ that selecting the best .ai domain name registrar to register your first .ai domain.

Every country has a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) consisting of two letters representing the nation on the internet. .ai is the Internet country code top-level domain for Anguilla. ​The government of Anguilla administers it.

  • Register: $68.88/year
  • Renewal: $68.88/year
  • Transfer:$68.88/year
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

The good news is you can register or transfer your .ai domain at Namecheap from Feb. 2018. There is no doubt that Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars I think. It's affordable, and no extra cost. Domain name management is simple but powerful. In addition, Namecheap provides free private protection for all domain names.

So, overall, Namecheap's .ai domain name registration have the cheapest price and the best review. Namecheap can be used as the first choice for us to register or transfer the .ai domain names.

  • Register: $99.99/year
  • Renewal: $99.99/year
  • Transfer:$99.99/year
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

​Onlydomains is a domain name and hosting provider founded in New Zealand. And it has over 300 Country code and generic top-level domains. Onlydomains provides domain name registration, transfer, free domain parking and free renewal reminder. ​Meanwhile, it also includes website construction and VOIP service. Onlydomains' support is free 24x7, you can also contact it via social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Registering, renewing, transferring a .ai domain are all $99.99 ​per year in Onlydomains. And at least two years.

​3. Eurodns

  • Register: €85.00/year
  • Renewal: €98.00/year
  • Transfer: €10.00/year
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

EuroD​​​​NS is a ​domain registrar was ​founded in 2002 based in Luxembourg​. EuroDNS is accredited by both ICANN and EURid.

In addition to registering a .ai domain​ in EuroDNS, you can also register .COM.AI, .NET.AI, .ORG.AI domain ​extensions for Anguilla.

​4. easyname

  • Register: €99.00/year
  • Renewal: €99.00/year
  • Transfer: €99.00/year
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

​Easyname is an Austrian domain name registrar. Also, you can register a .ai domain name. In addition, you will get 200 MB storage space for your e-mails and free webmail if you purchase a domain at Easyname.

​5. instra

  • Register: $298.00/2 years
  • Renewal: $298.00/2 years
  • Transfer: $298.00/2 years
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

​Instra ​is a domain ​registrar based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 1997, Instra Corporation has expanded its initial Domain Name business from New Zealand and Australia into a leading, world-wide domain registrar.

Instra provides direct registration services for the .ai domain names.

  • Register: $333.50/2 years
  • Renewal: $333.50/2 years
  • Transfer: $333.50/2 years
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years
gandi ai

Gandi is ​a French company providing domain name registration, web hosting, and related services.

But .ai extension is only available for customers that have subscribed to a Gandi Corporate contract. That means you must purchase a Corporate subscription starting from $65/month.

For Gandi, it is a​ great domain name registrar. We also have many domain names registered with Gandi. I also really like their domain name management features. So, if you are a ​Gandi corporate, ​it is a good choice.

​7. Sedo

  • ​Buy and sell .ai domain
sedo ai

First, you can't register a .ai domain name at Sedo. The reason we put it here is that you can bid on a fantastic .ai domain in sedo. ​In fact, Sedo is the best domain name trading platform.​​​

For some startups, a meaningful domain name is ​essential. But you know, short and meaningful domains have been registered.  So, buy ​a .ai domain is probably the best way.


  • Register: $100/2 years
  • Renewal: $100/2 years
  • Transfer: $100/2 years
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

​At first, should be the best .ai domain name registration site. Unfortunately, new ​customers are no longer able to create accounts. It only serves the legacy users. The cost is $100 for every two years.

So, we hope it will re-open the registration one day.

  • Register: $89.99/year
  • Renewal: $89.99/year
  • Transfer:$69.99/year
  • Minimum Registration: 2 years

First of all, 101domain is an ICANN accredited registrar since 2007. 101domain has over fifteen years of experience in domain name management. And it has a professional and easy-to-use website as well as powerful domain management tool. 101domain has over 3000 domain name extensions. Its advantage is on country code domain name registration.

We recommend 101domain because registering the .ai domain name at 101domain is the cheapest more than others. Register a .ai domain name start from two years and $89.99 per year. Then renewal is also starting from two years and the renewal pricing is $89.99/year. Of course, you can also transfer your .ai domain name to 101doamin just only $69.99/year.

In addition, 101domain also provides free domain privacy. So we will choose 101domain if we need to register a .ai domain name again.

​So far, I have listed most of the sites that you can register a .ai domain name. If I had to choose a registrar, my first choice is 101domain. Of course, there are some other domain name registrars we are not listed above. If you feel that it is better than what we have given, leave us a ​comment so we can add it.


​​Why are .ai domains so expensive?

What characters are permitted in a .ai domain name?

Can I transfer .ai domain names?

​Do you know .ai domain is ​the country code top-level domain for Anguilla before you register ​it? Have you ever registered a .ai domain name? Do you think which is the best .ai domain name registrar? Leave a comment to us below.

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